Why do I still listen to jazz (and what do I talk about when I talk about jazz)

There are few art forms who represent better the spirit of twentieth century than jazz.  Its history and development run parallel to what Eric Hobsbawm called “the short century”, one that begins with First World War and ends with the fall of the socialist regimes of Eastern Europe. Jazz also is a perfect expression of many of the impulses that drive the century culturally and politically: modernism, anti-colonialism, and particularly of two tensions: that between individualism and collectivism and that between high and popular culture. Seguir leyendo

A modo de programa / As a kind of program


He believed that, if he looked at the landscape hard enough, it would reveal to him the molecular basis of historical events, and in this way he hoped to see into the future.

Creía que si miraba el paisaje con el suficiente detenimiento, éste revelaría la base molecular de acontecimientos históricos y, de este modo, esperaba alcanzar a ver el futuro.

Patrick Keiller, Robinson in Ruins